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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Difference Between ABS Braking and Non ABS Braking

ABS Braking Vs Non ABS Braking

The beauty is that ABS system allow for steering during emergency braking whereas if you hit the brakes and skid forward you can not steer away from harm's ways. ABS systems don't necessary make you stop in a shorter distance, they make your drive safer by allowing you to steer during the emergency braking scenario whereas with non-ABS equipped vehicles you can not.

For road use, ABS is an absolute must as it will allow you to steer out of the way of unexpected hazards. Diagrams below explain the practical reasons for ABS.

Braking hard on a slippery surface with ABS or Without ABS

In the diagram above, the driver hits the brakes hard on a slippery surface then steers successfully manages to avoid the obstacle with ABS. ABS prevents the wheels from locking and this allows you steer.

Without ABS, as the driver applies the brakes the wheels lock, Despite applying steering lock, the car continues straight ahead due to the loss of steering control and a collision results.

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